Climbing The Family Tree

As with all such family histories, the further back one goes into historical records when piecing together a family line, the less information there is to draw on. Back in the British Isles where the Appleby family originated, before the 20th century the main records kept were of births, baptisms, death and marriages. The responsibility to record these events was the responsibility the local parish church. Census were held from time to time and today, and though their prupose was to document communities rather than individuals, they do provide additional information. This often conflicts with the records kept by the parish church, however, particularly with dates of birth and baptism, but can also fill in the gaps about those born out of wedlock.
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    Anthony Appleby
    Borm York (1610)
    Buried York, 5.3.1641(?)
    Parents: father unknown; mother possibly Sarah Howard. His name appears as Anthony of Appleby in the parish records but not baptisms. Sarah Howard appears to have had a son named 'Anthony of Appleby'. This suggests his father's identity was either unknown or known but not recorded, and he probably lived in Appleby-in-Westmorland. It is also possible, though unlikely, that his father's name was Appleby.

    Anthony Appleby (1625 [1635?]);

    Possibly Rachel Appleby (bur. 22.5.1684, Dallowgill);

    Possibly Katherine Appleby (bur. 29.10.1686, Larton)

    Anthony Appleby
    Born: Becksmeeting (1625 [1635?])
    Buried: Kirky Malzeard, 10.4.1682)
    Parents: Anthony Appleby /mother unknown.
    His name appears as Appleby in the parish records but not baptisms.

    Henry Appleby (1655 - 1699);

    William Appleby

    Mary Appleby (m. John Smith, Kirkby Malzeard 17.11.1701)

    Possibly 1 other, details unknown

    Henry Appleby
    Born: York? (1655)
    Died: Kirkby Malzeard (18.3.1699)
    Parents: father: Anthony Appleby, mother: unknown
    Married: Marie (Mary) Lister (b. 1658 Ripon; m. 12.6.1687; d. Ripon, 1700)

    Catherine Appleby (bap. 24.3.1688, Beckmeeting);

    William Appleby (bap. 28.6.1690 Beckmeeting) - his wife, Elizabeth was buried 30.11.1772

    Anthony Appleby (bap. 23.10.1692, Beckmeeting, d. 1.9.1722);

    Mary Appleby (bap. 23.2.1695 Beckmeeting);

    Hellen/Ellin Appleby (bap. 24.10.1696, Beckmeeting; married to Thomas Harrison of Laverton, 2.12.1724);

    Sarah Appleby (bap. 7.5.1698 Beckmeeting, d. 31.10.1711)

    William Appleby
    Born: Kirkby Malzeard (28.6.1690)
    Died: Kirkby Malzeard (1.12.1772)
    Parents: Henry Appleby/Mary Lister
    Married: Beatrice Dallow (b.1689 m.28.7.1712, Dallowgill, d.1734)

    Beatrice Appleby/Richman (bap. 11.10.1713 Carlesmoor, married Christopher Richman, 11.12.1755)

    Catherine Appleby (bap. 20.5.1716, Beckmeeting; m. William Beckwith, Kirkby Malzeard, 18.5.1720);

    Isabel Appleby (bap. 16.11.1718, Beckmeeting, married to John Linton, clerk, of Ripon, 5.11.1741)

    Elizabeth Appleby/Fawbert (b. 1719, Beckmeeting; married William Morvinson(?) date unknown; Robert Fawbert of Ripon, 17.9.1767). They lived in Ripon, had 3 sons, Thomas (bur. 10.9.1807), James (bur. 12.6.1811), George (bap. 8.1.1807).

    Margaret Appleby (b. 1720, married to Ralph Loftus, 5.11.1741);

    Sarah Appleby (20.1.1728; married William Raper, 11.12.1759);

    Robert Appleby (1729) Robert's descendants emigrated to India, others to California in about 1869;

    William Appleby (14.5.1734; bur. Hurworth-on-Tees, 26.5.1805)

    William Appleby
    Born: Larton, Kirkby Malzeard (14.5.1734)
    Died: Hurworth-on-Tees (26.5.1805). William and his wife Ann are buried in Hurworth-on-Tees cemetery.
    Parents: William Appleby/ Beatrice Dallow
    Married: 31.1.1768 to Ann Bearpark (b.1738/49(?) d. 4.10.1831)
    William and Ann Appleby lived at Mickley.

    John Appleby (8.1.1763, Mickley, d. before 1775);

    Henry Appleby (b. 1768, bur. Hurworth-on-Tees, 9.9.1838);

    Thomas Appleby (b. 1771, d. 5.9.1838, Neasham) married Sarah Pratt (d. 11.11.1800). Thomas and Sarah lived for most of their lives in or around Eryholme near Hurworth-on-Tees, and are buried in Hurworth-on-Tees cemetery.

    William Appleby (bap. 29.9.1770, Mickley);

    Robert Appleby (bap. 2.4.1777, Mickley; m. Mary Dennison (1774-1809, 28.12.1801; d. 1.12.1847, Eryholme). Robert and Mary had 2 children, Robert (b. 17 Aug 1806 in Forcett - 15 km west of Darlington, near Gainford, Yorks.) and Jane (b. 10 Jul 1808 in Eryholme, d. 18 Dec 1893 in South Cowton). Robert married Elizabeth Robinson (b. 1811, Marrick, Yorks.) 24.11.1832. They had 6 children - William (1834), Ann (1838), Jane 1842), Robinson (1844), Elizabeth (1846), Robert (1849). Forcett is near the villages of Eppleby, Caldwell and Aldbrough.

    George Appleby (bap. 23.3.1779, Mickley), married Elizabeth Yates (1780). Their daughter married Frances (1816) married John Foster (chain maker, 1811) and had a daughter Elizabeth (1840). At the 1841 census, they were all living at Milburn Street, Gateshead.

    Elizabeth Appleby/Yates (bap. 3.6.1780, Mickley, d.1853);

    James Appleby (bap. 10.12.1782, Mickley - d. 25.1.1848)

    Ann Appleby (bap. 10.7.1785 Mickley)

    James Appleby
    Born: Kirkby Malzeard (bap. 10.12.1782 (1786 on 1841 census); bur: Hurworth-on-Tees (28.1.1848)
    Occupation: weaver
    Married: Ann Bell (b. 29.8.1780, Kirk Merrington, Durham; m. Sockburn All-Saints Church, near Hurworth-on-Tees, 23.11.1802; d. 1852)

    John Appleby (b. 23.9.1806, m. Ann Chambers 4.6.1827). Occupation: linen weaver. After his wife's death, John lived with his daughter, Margaret Livingston and her children, Lancelot (1840) and Sarah (1878) at East Row, Hurworth-on-Tees.

    William Appleby (b. 6.11.1808, m. Mary Howe 27.11.1840 at Hurworth-on-Tees). William's occupation was linen weaver. Mary Howe was born in 1816, at Brignall, Durham, d.1865. They had nine children - John (1840), James (1842), William (1844), Ellen/Eleanor (1846), Thompson (1848), George (1851), Thomas (1868), Robert (1862) and Elizabeth (1855). All were born at Hurworth-on-Tees.
    The grave of Thomas (1868-1917), and a gravestone commemorating his brother John (b.1840 or 1848; d.13.1.1930 age 82), John's wife Phyllis d. 25.3.1913, age 62, and their daughter Rachel (d. 13.6.1895, age 20) are in Hurworth-on-Tees cemetery.
    Thompson married Ann Mould (1843) and they had six children - John, Margaret Ferguson, Thomas (1872), Thompson (1874), Herbert (1879), Minnie (1882) and Lavinia (b. 31.12.1869). Minnie married Charles Keel, she died in 1957. Lavinia married William Walker, 28.2.1896. They had three children.

    George Appleby (b. 17.4.1814 - twin, m. Grace Bilton at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 28.12.1835);

    Thomas Appleby (b. 17.4.1814 - twin. Occupation: linen weaver. Thomas lived at Hurworth Row, Hurworth-on-Tees with his brother Robert and family..

    Robert Appleby (bap. 24.6.1816, m. Elizabeth Wade 16.11.1836). Occupation: linen weaver. They had six children - Hannah (1840?), James, Robert, John (1840?), Sarah, Ann (1837). They lived at Hurworth Row, Hurworth-on-Tees.

    James Appleby (bap. 27.6.1819, bur. 6.11.1840, age 21);

    Henry Appleby (bap. 26.5.1822, m. Rachel Gill (b.1824), 1845). They had 6 children - James (1850), Henry (1852), Margaret (1859), Mary (1861), Thomas (1868) and Emily (1870). Hurworth-on-Tees. There is a memorial stone to Margaret Ann (1858-1946), Emily (1870-1961) and Henry (1852-1928 in the Hurworth-on-Tees cemetery.

    Christopher Appleby (bap. 6.2.1825); lived at Comel Hotel, Hurworth-on-Tees at the time of the 1841 census.

    Thomas Appleby
    The grave of the children of Henry and Rachel Appleby, Hurworth-on-Tees cemetery

    Christopher Appleby
    Born Stanhope, 30km north west of Darlington (bap. 6.2.1825)
    Died: 3 Silver Street, Darlington (29.4.1855)
    Married: Mary Ann Tinkler of Askham (7.8.1848 at Darlington Parish Church). Lived at 3 Silver St., Darlington, home of Mary Ann's parents)

    Jane Ann Appleby/Atkinson (21.9.1848, m. 7.10.1866 to William Atkinson, railway fireman). They lived at New Shildon. Jane died of bronchitis 19.1.1918, age 69; William died 1924, age 79.

    James Appleby (b. 13.8.1853 at 3 Silver St.; d. Bathurst, NSW, 27.9.1922).

    After Christopher died (1855), Mary Ann married William Lewins 1858, age 30, moved to New Shildon, son Samuel born, 30.12.1861). Mary Ann remarried after William Lewins' death to William Baines, a widower with six grown children. Mary Ann died 3.1.1898, bur. St Johns, Shildon.

    James Appleby
    Born: Darlington (13.8.1853) Died: Bathurst, NSW (27.9.1922)
    Occupation: leading coppersmith, Shildon Engine Works
    Married: Jane Ann Goldsborough (25.9.1880) at Church of England, Whorlton. Lived in New Shildon until migrating to Australia per Abergeldie, dep. Plymouth 13.5.1884, arr. Neutral Bay, Sydney 25.12.1884.

    Percy William Appleby (b. 2.8.1881 d.10.1.1957)

    Mabel Annie Appleby/Briggs (b. 11.8.1884 d.9.11.1970). Married Jack Briggs, St Barnabas Church, Bathurst b. 30.10.1912). Jack died 3.10.1961, Mabel died 9.11.1970.

    Unnamed (12.10.1886)

    Lewis John Appleby (b. Seymour St Bathurst, 4.1.1888, d. 1971). Married Madeline Pearse 15.9.1917, All Saints Church, Bathurst. Lewis died Liverpool, NSW 7.10.1971, Madeline d. 23.2.1985, Brisbane, Qld.

    Clarence Frederick Appleby (b. 28.1.1890 d.11.12.1896)

    Gladys Mary Appleby/Whatley - born Busby St, Sooth Bathurst 16.1.1892. Married Leslie Whatley 7.10.1915, St Barnabas Church, Bathurst. Leslie died 16.4.1971 age 81, Gladys died 27.4.1983, age 91 at Summer Hill, NSW

    Lance Frederick Appleby (b. 17.1.1900 d. 22.6.1937). Born Brilliant Rd, South Bathurst 17.6.1900. Married Alice Keys 19.10.1929, Cowra, NSW. Lance died 22.6.1937 at Cootamundra, age 37. Alice d. 15.2.1978, Wamberal, NSW.

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