This website attempts to document the history of the family of James Appleby, who migrated from Durham county, England to Sydney, Australia in 1884 and then Bathurst, NSW, with his wife Jane, and 3-year old son Percy, to start a new life in Australia. Focusing on the generations who came before James Appleby, it compliments research done previously by family members.

Climbing The Family Tree
As with all such family histories, the further back one goes into historical records when piecing together a family line, the less information there is to draw on. Back in the British Isles where the Appleby family originated, before the 20th century the main records kept were of births, baptisms, deaths and marriages. The responsibility to record these events was the responsibility the local parish church. Census were held from time to time, and though their purpose was to document communities rather than individuals, they do provide additional information. This often conflicts with the records kept by the parish church however, particularly with dates of birth and baptism, but can also fill in the gaps about those born out of wedlock.

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