The Pocket-Oz Hotspot

Putting Australia at your fingertips

The Australia For Everyone network is the most comprehensive online travel and information guide to the whole of Australia. No matter where you live or where you go, we have you covered.

Now you can access it from your mobile device via the Pocket-Oz Hotspot.

Having the Pocket-Oz Hotspot on your phone or tablet gives you direct access to every Australia For Everyone website. Just tap on the state, territory or city of your choice and you are there! The Pocket-Oz Hotspot opens a mobile friendly online home page so is usable on all mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry etc). There's no need to go searching for Pocket-Oz at an app store - Pocket-Oz downloads directly from the home page itself - simply tap the link below, then follow the simple directions at the bottom of the page for your device.

Get A Personalised Hotspot For Your Business

Businesses can have their own personalised hotspot for use by their clients. Not only does it provide a visitor and information guide of your local community and/or region, it also includes buttons that give your clients one-touch access to you by email or phone (auto dialing of your phone number), GPS directions to your premises from anywhere in Australia, and one touch access to your facebook page (it can even be embedded into your hotspot), website and online reservation facilities - all from your Pocket Oz hotspot. A Personalised Pocket Oz hotspot is a cheap, easy and inobtrusive way to get your clients to put your digital calling card on their mobile device.

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