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Motoring: Subaru Impreza WRX - 1994

The Subaru WRX first arrived in 1994. It arrived with little fanfare, but quickly established a following, particularly from motoring publications who appreciated its performance and value equation. What started life as a quirky, niche performance car based on a modest-selling small car has evolved into a cult car with a colourful history. From a model that struggled to sell and was verging on expensive (compared to today s real price) in 1994, the WRX has come a heck of a long way since, creating its own brand a loyal breed of owners and enthusiast followers.

The Subaru WRX is a sublime piece of automotive engineering. Simple when it can be, sophisticated where it needs to be. It is a car without the flair of say an Audi or a BMW, but when it is 10 o'clock in the evening and you have 20 minutes to inspect and repair your team's rally car, the unbelievably well thought out ease of access to every part on the car makes it possible to do the impossible, such as change out a damaged gearbox in 18 minutes flat or assign a pair of mechanics to change a rear hub assembly in 8-10 minutes. This is what you pay for. Subaru is a very small company run by very clever engineers. A kind of clear headed engineering that makes an informed mechanic look forward to working on your car.

Perhaps the most important result of this clear headed engineering approach is the effectiveness of the Subaru as a performance car. Properly setup, it can take you (very quickly) from point A to point B with less stress and more driving satisfaction than all but a small, generally much more expensive handful of cars. Driven smoothly, not softly, it will do it again and again for a long time. An informed driver who will let the car's strengths work into their driving experience is supremely rewarded. The Subaru is a car made by enthusiast engineers for enthusiast drivers. It is not an accident that only two car companies in the world have maintained long standing engineering companies separate from their production and marketing organization. One is Porsche/Audi and the other is Subaru.

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