Tropical Coast of Queensland

Haslewood Island

Like most of the Whitsunday Islands, there is no development here, just beaches, bushland, and coral. Chalkies Beach is the main reason people come to this island. It is a pristine, white, sandy beach that you can enjoy for hours. Directly opposite Whitehaven Beach, Chalkie s provides good anchorage if the wind changes to east. It is one of only a handful of places in the Whitsundays that boasts that same beautiful, soft, white silica sand as Whitehaven.

Chalkies Beach

The coral fringing reef offers snorkelling at the South Western edge of the beach however there is a deep drop off at the southern end. It makes it an amazing location for diving, swimming, and bathing. Chalkies Beach is the only place where you can catch the sun set over Whitehaven Beach. Outer reef flights can be arranged to collect you from here.

Haslewood Island was named in 1879 by Staff Commander Edward Parker Bedwell, surveyor, during his extensive surveys in SS Llewellyn. It is named after Sub Lieutenant Frank Haslewood, one of Bedwell's survey team.

Windy Bay