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Rottnest Island, Western Australia

Perth's own recreational island, Rottnest Island has been attracting a steady stream of visitors from the mainland since it was first declared an A Class Reserve in 1917. Being just 25 minutes from Fremantle by ferry (slightly longer from Hillarys), many come for the day; others stay longer utilising one of a variety of accommodation alternatives available.

Although Rottnest Island has undergone many changes over the years, its unique relaxed atmosphere has not been compromised by recent developments which have increased the visitor capacity of the island and enhanced its facilities. Everything about the island is geared towards taking it easy. Other than the Island Board's vehicles, there are no cars on Rottnest. Apart from a bus tour, the only way to get around the island is to walk or ride a bicycle, all of which are conducive towards everyone moving at a very leisurely pace.
The island's small sheltered bays and coves, the white beaches and turquoise waters of the island's attractive coastline, all seem to beckon the visitor to stay a while and take in the sights, rather than rush off to see something else. The island's semi-tame quaint marsupial residents, the Quokka, also get in on the act, popping out of the bushes as walkers approach their hideouts in the low scrub. Eager to stay and eat whatever scraps are given them, the Quokkas are also very happy to pose endlessly for photographs.

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