Western Australia: Travel

Travelling to and Around Western Australia

The city of Perth is the hub of the state of Western Australia, with all forms of transport radiating out from it.

Visitor Information

Some important things about tasmania and Australia that overseas visitors need to know to help them plan a trip. We give with advice and tips to help make your visit enjoyable and incident free.

Best Time To Go

Because it is such a huge state, covering numerous climate regions, different times of the year are recommended for different regions. Our guide identifies some of Western Australia's major attractions, and the best time of the year to see them.

Top Destinations

Western Australia is known for its dramatic scenery and wide open spaces. There is no one region or place that has an exclusive on the best - all regions are unique and offer something that you won't find anywhere else in the state.


We review many tours in and around Western Australia, both state-wide and regional, that are the perfect solution for visitors who would rather sit back and relax while someone else does the driving.

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