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Remarkable Cave, Tas.

Location: Tasman Peninsula, southern Tasmania

There are some beautiful bays around the Tasman Peninsula, as well as some unique and amazing rock formations. Beyond the Port Arthur historical site is Maingon Bay and perhaps the most remarkable feature of them all, the appropriately named Remarkable Cave. It is remarkable not only for its unique form, but also because its opening, when viewed from the observation platform, is the shape of Tasmania (see photo below).
The cave is today a deep rock bridge carved out of the sandstone cliff face, but it was once a deep cave. The viewing platform at the bottom of steep stairs is where the back of the cave collapsed. The debris has long since been washed out to sea except for the large sea-smoothed boulders that remain in the hollow. Unlike most sea caves, Remarkable Cave has two entrances which were created by erosion along fractures created by ancient earthquakes.

One of the ocean-side entrances to Remarkable Cave

A map of Tasmania appears to have been shaped into the rock of Remarkable Cave

The ocean side of Remarkable Cave at low tide

The two ocean entrances to the cave

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