Humpty Doo and Adelaide River Drive

A day drive into the area to the south east of Darwin. It includes numerous wildlife encounters, such as the Crocodylus Park and Zoo, the Adelaide River floodplain and the jumping crocodiles of the Adelaide River.

Proceed out of Darwin via Stuart Highway. At Winnellie you will pass the Australian Aviation Heritage Centre, which houses a comprehensive display of aircraft, including a giant B-52 bomber. Crocodylus Park and Zoo (Phone (08) 8922 4500), which specialises in displaying crocodiles, is situated on McMillan's Road at Knuckeys Lagoon near Casuarina. The Park is opposite the entrance to the Berrimah Police Centre overlooking Holmes Jungle Nature Reserve.

Near McMinns Lagoon, take the Arnhem Highway turnoff towards Humpty Doo. Before reaching the Adelaide River, you will see the turnoff to Fogg Dam. Built for a failed rice growing scheme in the 1950s, the low dam wall, which can be negotiated either in a vehicle or on foot, passes through the middle of a wetlands area that teems with wildlife. Observation points assist in viewing the wildlife.

Back on the highway on Beatrice Hill is Window To The Wetlands, a display and information centre which explains all about the wetlands and the flora and fauna that live there. Before the Adelaide River crossing are a number of cruise operators who take guests up and down the river to see Saltwater crocodiles in their natural habitat. The crocs put on a spectacular display by jumping right out of the water to take meat from poles dangled over the side of the cruise vessels (Phone: 08 8988 8144).

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The Territory Wildlife Park is a 45-minute drive south of Darwin off Stuart Highway at Berry Springs. Return via Humpty Doo to Stuart Highway, turn left onto the highway then right into Cox Peninsula Road (Phone  (08) 8988 7200).

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