Bynoe Harbour

Bynoe Harbour is located to the south of Darwin Harbour and the Northern Territory's capital city of Darwin. These two major estuaries and natural harbours are separated by Cox Peninsula. Because the two harbours are located close to one another, and are similar in size and habitat, Bynoe is often referred to as a "sister harbour" to Darwin Harbour.

The main difference between the two harbours is that Bynoe has a number of islands and drying reefs inside and outside, which makes it considerably more interesting for boaters than Darwin Harbour. The habitat of Bynoe Harbour is still pristine and fishing is popular. Bynoe Harbour has so far escaped having industry on its shores and there are only some minor dwellings on the north shore and a small fishermen's resort on the south shore.

Bynoe Harbour is relatively shallow at about 40m in the deepest areas, with much of its area much shallower and drying at low tide. Most of the harbour is lined with mangrove forest, providing a rich habitat for various stages of marine life. Tidal movement reaches a considerable 8 metres.

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As a travel destination, Bynoe Harbour is a great wilderness escape. It's a region of unspoiled beaches, and many low wooded islands surrounded by clear water, rocky headlands and sandy tidal flats that can turn on some wonderful fishing when the conditions are right. Jewfish and golden snapper are prolific and the barramundi fishing is not bad either. There are many estuarine species also which makes the area well worth the effort of a visit.

The fish caught in the harbour include barramundi, trevally, queenfish, schnapper, blue and threadfin salmon, barracuda, mangrove jack, black jewfish, shark, grunter, cod and others. As elsewhere, estuarine crocodiles are common. The harbour is also worked by commercial fishermen, yet despite their presence fishing remains very productive. Mangrove creeks and inlets have plenty of action and some of the best crabbing in the Top End is right here.

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