Cave Hill Tour, Uluru

This indigenous guided tour visits perhaps the most significant art site in Central Australia, near the country's most significant and iconic natural feature - Uluru. The drama of the Seven Sisters creation story is graphically illustrated on the ceiling of the cave. From Ayers Rock Resort, guests journey by 4WD deep into the desert of the Pitjantjatjara Lands of Central Australia. Greeted by the local traditional owners on arrival, Anangu, the tour ventures into Cave Hill to marvel at the magnificent art from up above. Later guests walk to the top of Cave Hill to admire a 360-degree panoramic view of the surrounding countryside, including Uluru 100 kms away. Tour charges apply.

The drive each way is long, but the country is movingly stark and gives you a deep sense of its remoteness and harshness. On the way you'll probably see see wild camels and red kangaroos along the way - something you are unlikely to see at Uluru itself. The cave paintings are among the finest in Central Australia and very few people get to see and hear about them. Photos are not permitted, sadly, for cultural reasons.

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