Jurassic Cycad Gardens

An unusual and exotic garden attraction containing over 200 different species of plants from the ancient cycad family, all nestled among a visually striking and prehistoric rocky landscape. Jurassic Cycad Gardens features 1.4 km of self guided walking trails wind through 5 acres of prehistoric gardens. The Gardens feature collections of rare living fossil cycads, cacti, succulents and exotic plants. The complex has a coffee shop.

This fascinating garden was planned as a conservation resource providing a conservation collection, gene pool, seed orchard, as well as a display collection of rare cycads. Josef and Karen Perner travelled extensively to collect seeds from various habitats all around the globe and developed the site over a 23 year period, culminating in a stunning property housing around 40,000 cycads.

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The gardens coffee shop seats about 40 people and offers espresso coffee, cakes, cold drinks, light meals and snacks. Outside features gazebo's with tables and chairs surrounded by lush lawns and tropical gardens for visitor comfort.

Entry fees apply.

Location: 61 Morris Rd. Katherine. Ph (08) 8971 0335.

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