Dunmarra is a small settlement on the historical Overland Telegraph Line.

Points of Interest: a monument to the Overland Telegraph Line stands beside the Stuart Highway south of Dunmarra, dedicated to Sir Charles Todd, Postmaster, General of the Province of South Australia, 1872. The momentous occasion of joining both ends of the Overland Telegraph Line took place just south of Dunmarra.

Origin of the name: Overland Telegraph linesman, Dan O'Mara, disappeared in the region in the early 1900s. Drover Noel Healy established a cattle station here in the 1930s and discovered O'Mara's skeleton in the bush. The name Dunmarra was arrived at as a result of the local Aboriginal people's inability to pronounce O'Mara's name.

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Location: 300 km south of Katherine, 350 km north of Tennant Creek, on the Stuart Highway.

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