The Ewaninga Conservation Reserve is an area of low sand dunes, rocky outcrops and a claypan about 35 km south of Alice Springs. The Reserve contains many prehistoric abraded and pecked engravings that provide an outstanding example of central Australian rock art. The main feature of the area is a set of about 1000 petroglyphs, distributed among the rock outcrops to the south and south-east of the claypan.

Most of the petroglyphs consist of circles, lines and other geometric motifs, though there are some examples of animal tracks. The motifs have been compared with those found elsewhere in Central Australia and Tasmania.

Aspects of the petroglyphs such as their motifs and degree of weathering suggest an age as great as 30000 years, although a more precise age is unknown. Flood describes the petroglyphs as Panaramitee-style, which, based on dating of other Paranamitee sites, could give a date as early as 40000 years ago.

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The site is considered a significant link to the activities of the early (Arrente) people of the region. Permission to access the site has been granted by the Arrente custodians.

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