Flora River National Park

The park incorporates 25 km of the Flora River and an ideal spot for canoeing, fishing and boating. Djarrung and Katherine Falls are a short walk from the campground.

Facilities at the Djarrung campground include a camping area with toilets, showers, drinking water and wood barbecues. Tables and barbecues are provided in the nearby picnic area. Camping fees apply and should be paid in the campground honesty boxes or to the ranger. River access for small boats is provided at a canoe and small boat launching facility, 4.3km from the Djarrung Campground.

Flora River Nature Park protects two major vegetation communities: open woodland, which consists of widely spaced trees with a grassy understory, and the riverine forest lining the river banks and islands. Extensive stands of the palm, Livistonia rigida, a plant with limited distribution, are found in the riverine forest along with river pandanus and melaleucas.

The Pig-nosed Turtle, Carettochelys insculpta, which was once thought to occur only in Papua New Guinea, has been recorded within the Park. It is only found in a few localities in the Northern Territory. The Park also protects a variety of fish including barramundi, bream, catfish and grunters. Both Freshwater, Crocodylus johnstonii, and Estuarine (saltwater) crocodiles, Crocodylus porosus, are known to inhabit the river.

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The Wardaman people have a rich cultural history. Stories, ceremonies and songs linking the ten clans are performed along a singing trail which traverses the Park. Senior custodians conduct ceremonies in and around the Park's sacred sites.

Location: 122 km south west of Katherine via Victoria Highway. Follow the Victoria Highway west from Katherine for 86km and then follow the access road (suitable for 2WD vehicles during the Dry Season of April to October) for another 36km to the Park entrance.

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