Gemtree is the centre for the Central Australian gemfields. Gemtree Caravan Park runs guided tag-along tours to the garnet and zircon fields for amateur fossickers who want to try their luck.

Location: 151 km north east of Alice Springs on Plenty Highway.

Gemtree is also home to Australia's most northerly vineyard. Wines such as Uncut Shiraz, Luna Roja Tempranillo, Moonstone Savagnin and Obsidian Shiraz are produced from their vines that are farmed with biodynamic practices and are fully certified organic.

Gemtree's small billabong contains local fresh water fish, ‘Spangled Grunter’. These fish are too small to catch to eat, but it is fun to feed and watch them come to the surface and follow you as you walk around the edge of the water. Toss some old pieces of bread into the water and watch the fish rush to the surface and compete with the ducks - all of which will love the feast! Unfortunately there is no swimming allowed in the billabong which has a plastic liner.

37 kms north of the Plenty River is Box Hole Meteorite Crater. The crater was about 180 - 200 meters across, with a variety of coloured rocks including interesting pieces of quartz.

Surrounding area

There are a few interesting self-drive options on tracks around the area. Some will require 4WD but some are suitable for conventional vehicles. These destinations will take you through local pastoral properties and the nearby scenic Harts Ranges. Gemtree Caravan Park supplies information on where to go and how to get there for their guests. Visitors are asked to show consideration when entering private properties taking care to avoid cattle watering points and not disturb the cattle. Mt Swan Aboriginal Art Gallery and the Mac and Rose Chalmers Conservation Park at Tower Rock are popular day trips from Gemtree. Box Hole Meteorite Crater is also an interesting trip.

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Binns Track

Binns Track is a 4WD track travelling into the beautiful eastern MacDonnells from Gemtree to the Arltunga goldmining ghost town and Old Ambalindum, where you can camp overnight on a cattle station and experience other 4WD options. It provides an interesting alternative scenic route back to Alice Spring via the Ross River Resort and Trephina Gorge. Visitors can spend some time strolling through the wonderful old historic stone buildings from the gold rush days at the turn of the 20th Century. A loop back to Gemtree through the rugged Cattlewater Pass has been closed it indefinitely, so  4WD travellers returning to Gemtree must now follow the Binns Track.

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