Katherine Hot Springs

If you are visiting Katherine, don't forget that the township has its own little Hot springs to relax in. The term may be stretching things here, as the water which reaches the surface from its underwater chamber is a tepid 32C, however yhis makes the springs very enjoyable during the cooler dry season months.

The Katherine Town Council have gone to some effort beautifying and restructuring the Hot Springs area and associated walking tracks along the Katherine River corridor. The main pool now has a gravel bed which keeps the sediment disturbance down, and the crystal clear water looking brilliant. The area has transformed from a simple hole in the river bed to a well thought out recreational area. The addition of new raised walking platforms has opened the area up to Tourists who can now see the source of the spring water via a viewing platform. And from there follow the stream a few metres down to the walkway/bridge to the main pool.

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This main pool has wheel chair access, stainless steel rails and the walls have been formed out of rock. From there the springs flow along to another pandanus lined pool to a retaining wall that acts as a small waterfall, allowing water to flow over into yet another small plunge pool before the stream meanders amongst the paperbark trees and out into the Katherine River 30 metres away.

Location: in the Katherine River bed, off the Victoria Highway, Katherine.

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