Roma Gorge

Roma Gorge is not frequently visited and probably missed by most travellers, perhaps because it is not marked on many maps and is not particularly well signposted. The turn off is in a creek bed, the gorge is reached via an 8km track along a dry creek bed. It is quite scenic as it weaves it way through the landscape among the low hills and in places with high cliff faces. Towards the end is a small visitor car park where there are information signs about the place.

The main items of interest are numerous petroglyphs (rock carvings) on the rocks in the creek bed that date back thousands of years. These were used by the Aboriginals to tell about the location of water holes, animals etc. The walk into the gorge is only a couple of hundred metres, where there are more engravings on numerous rock faces on the side of the gorge. They are some of the best examples found in Central Australia. I took lots of photos, so I’ll upload a few of the petroglyphs.

Roma Gorge is located just west of Glen Helen Resort in the Western Macdonnell Ranges near Alice Springs. It is the place to visit in order to see some of the best concentrations of Aboriginal Petroglyphs in this area. They are so prolific that they cover most of the lower rock formation in the gorge.

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To get into Roma Gorge you need to take the turn off from Namatjira Way which can be found just past the turning into Redbank Gorge. You will not find Roma Gorge marked on the normal tourist maps, I think this is an effort by the NT NPWS to keep the gorge off the RADAR in an effort to limit the number of people visiting it so as to preserve the petroglyphs.

The track into the gorge is approximately 8 kms in length and follows a creek bed. There is a low wooden sign indicating that it is the track into the gorge placed at the start of the track near Namatjira Way. The track is definitely a high clearance 4X4 track, do not attempt to drive down the track in a normal car.

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