Ti Tree

A small service town on the Stuart Highway between Alice Springs and Darwin. One of the first features in the area to be named was Ti Tree Well No. 3 (still to be seen on the western side of the highway just south of the township) which was developed during the construction of the Overland Telegraph Line.

Location: 193 km north of Alice Springs; 1289 km south of Darwin on the Stuart Highway, it is the closest town to the geographical centre of Australia.

Much of the land surrounding Ti Tree is Aboriginal land, owned by the Anmatyerre people. Their art can be viewed within the town and there are several interesting sites in the area surrounding the township. The town serves as a service town to surrounding Aboriginal Communities. Ti Tree has developed with many modern conveniences to meet the needs and wants of locals and visitors.

Ti Tree is a large producer of fresh vegetables and fruit for Territory markets, and is the largest community between Alice Springs and Tennant Creek. Visionary farmers have put Ti Tree on the map as a valuable horticultural area where the annual table-grape harvest alone reaps $10 million.

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Central Mount Stuart is said to indicate the approximate geographical centre of Australia. A cairn marks the spot.

Other Points of interest: Reynolds Ranges (south west); Watt Ranges (north east); Mt. Solitary; Mt. Finniss; Prowse Gap; Ti Tree Farm; Central Australian Produce Farm; The Territory Grape Farm; Ryans Well Historical Raeserve (70 km south, the well was hand dug in 1889)

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