Uluru Sunrise Base Walk

440 kilometres south west of Alice Springs, Uluru fascinates and inspires people from around the world. One of Australia’s most famous geographic features, Uluru is known the world over for its natural majesty and its significance to the Anangu aboriginal people. Also known as Ayers Rock, this massive rock formation is a must-see for everyone visiting Australia.

Both Uluru and its neighbour, Kata Tjuta, have great cultural significance for the Anangu traditional landowners, who lead walking tours that inform about the local flora and fauna, bush foods and the Aboriginal Dreamtime stories of the area. The Anangu people prefer visitors don't climb Uluru because it’s a sacred site, so nowadays many visitors choose to do the Uluru walking trails instead.

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A guided walk around Uluru (Ayers Rock) as the sun rises over the Australian Outback is highly recommended. With no more than 12 participants, the Sunrise Uluru Base Walk is an intimate introduction to one of Australia’s iconic sites. The 9.4 kilometre Base Walk is dotted with interpretive displays, as well as a network of waterholes and lush woodlands at Uluru’s base – one of the last things you’d expect in this seemingly stark desert landscape.

Distance: 14 km. Duration: 6 hours. Tour charges apply.

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