Wallace Rockhole

Wallace Rockhole is a Western Aranda Aboriginal Community located 120kms west of Alice Springs along the James Range.

Location: Wallace Rockhole is on the Urana Land Trust 25kms along the James Range and 40kms to the West MacDonnell Ranges. 110 kms west of Alice Springs, it forms part of the Ljirapinta Ward.

In 1877 the Lutheran Mission opened up Hermannsburg Mission and ran a large cattle station to support the mission and the Aboriginals up to 1983 when the station was divided in to 5 blocks and handed back to the Aranda people.

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The community at Wallace Rockhole was founded by the Abbott family in 1973 as an outstation of the Hermannsburg Mission. With its attractive setting, community members have strived to develop a tourist industry, particularly for day visitors but also for overnight campers. They invite visitors to come and experience their culture; learn about bush tucker and bush medicine, see ancient rock art, take a tour, see breathtaking scenery along with native animals and much much more. Camping is permitted at Wallace Rockhole.

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