Wycliffe Well

Wycliffe Well is little more than a roadhouse and tourist park, which boasts the largest selection of foreign beers in Australia (over 300). This might also explain why it also has the reputation of being the UFO capital of Australia. The have been hundreds of recorded sighting of unidentified flying objects there since World war II.

Location: Wycliffe Well is 130 km south of Tennant Creek and 380 km north of Alice Springs on the Stuart Highway.

The town today essentially consists of the Wycliffe Well tourist park which covers 60 acres of land and includes a recreational lake for fishing and boating, a bar that has the largest range of beer available in Australia plus three life-size Alien figures and a large model UFO.

According to the tourist parks brochure, "UFO sightings are so common, that if you stayed up all night looking, you would be considered unlucky not to see anything, rather than lucky to see something".

UFO folklore has it that UFO sightings have occurred in the Well since World War II. A binder book containing records of UFO sightings from this era was kept until it was stolen from the tourist parks front counter some years ago. Sightings from the 90’s have been kept by the tourist park staff. The local restaurant‘s walls are covered with newspaper clippings written by UFO skeptics and believers alike.

Wycliffe Well is recognised as one of the top 5 UFO hotspots in the world and a place diehard UFO spotters claim they can guarantee a sighting every couple of days.

The reason given is that the sky is said to be full of ley or energy lines, which act like highways for the UFO’s to travel along. One of the crossroads or intersections of those highways is directly above the middle of Australia, which is why there is so much UFO activity there. Wycliffe Well is one of the flattest places in the region. This allows a 360 degree view of the night skies and makes it a great vantage point to see both identified and unidentified objects in the sky.

In an interview by a UFO website, tourist park owner Lou Farcus said he has operated the Wycliffe Well Roadhouse for over 20 years and originally had no interest in UFOs until he moved there. He claims that he has seen so many no longer bothers looking for them and waits for visitors to report them.

Lou has heard many bizarre theories over the years of what the UFO’s may be? One in particular is the theory is that the lights in the sky are Fluorescent birds! “Can you imagine the size of one of those birds?” He laughs. He also claims there have been many visitors from the UK and Japan who bring with them sophisticated equipment. Only after a few days of taking readings they leave.

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Skeptics claim that many UFO sightings are conventional aircraft misidentified. Lou says; Sure the RAAF do flyovers from time to time, but once you seen their Jets going at Mach-1, Theres no comparison with the speed that these other things travel at. Sometimes the UFOs travel so fast youd literally blink to miss it.

UFO descriptions from Wycliffe Well include; Cigar, Square and Rectangular shape. Square shapes morphing into circular. Pulsating and flashing lights. Orange, Green and Red spinning lights. Others that shoot out beams of different colours. UFOs have also been witnessed hovering above the ground. One case in particular where a huge craft was seen hovering 100m above the parks toilet block that took off at an astonishing speed.

Daytime sightings have occurred, sometimes UFOs have said to have followed cars but seem to generally uninterested in people with claims of abductions being very rare. According to Lou Farkus Ive only heard of one case of someone seeing an Alien form, it was from an Aboriginal woman who said she saw a flashing object descend into the trees and then sighted three beings.

Brief history

Wycliffe Well began as a watering point along the stock route for the Overland Telegraph Line in the 1860s. During World War II the well became a market garden centre to service troops, and at the end of the war, two soldiers stayed on to continue selling vegetables and garden products to Alice Springs. In 1960 a petrol pump was installed to supply fuel to travellers. Since then Wycliffe Well has become a tourist stop over point.

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