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Mitchell Falls
The Mitchell River enters the sea in the SW corner of Admiralty Gulf. Mitchell River National Park is one of the Kimberley's two newest national parks. The Mitchell River, flowing northwards, drains into Walmsley Bay and Admiralty Gulf, carving gorges and waterfalls into the underlying sandstone, particularly along the margins of the Mitchell Plateau.
Location: Mitchell River National Park, Kimberley region, WA

Above: Big Mertens Falls (left) and Mitchell Falls (right) in flood

Big Mertens Falls
Big Mertens Falls and Little Mertens Falls are on the Mitchell Plateau of the Kimberley region not far from Mitchell Falls. The overall height of Big Mertens is roughly 80 metres.
Location: Mitchell River National Park, Kimberley region, WA

King George Falls
At King George Falls in the Kimberley region of Western Australia, the King George River plunges 100 metres over a sandstone cliff in two streams into tidal waters. These falls are in full force from late December through to early May each year and gradually recede to a small flow by September. The falls are situated 8kms from the coast and if entering the river from the sea the route up the river from the gorge to the falls is one of the worlds most spectacular sights.

Location: access is by boat or you can take a scenic flight to Faraway Bay airstrip and stay at the wilderness retreat called the Bush Camp.

Leonard River Falls
Lennard Gorge is one of the lesser visited of the Kimberley gorges. The gorge has a spectacular waterfall that flows like a torrent in the wet season, however the narrow, deep canyons can be experienced all the year around.
Location: 190 kms from Derby 8 kms off Gibb River Road. The road to this gorge is recommended only for experienced 4 Wheel Drivers.

Manning Falls
Deep in the heart of the Kimberley Region, Gibb River flows through beautiful Manning Gorge, just north of Mount Barnett. A bush walk takes you to the upper Manning and Manning Falls. The falls are at their best early in the season (May-July). Visitors can view Aboriginal Rock art nearby and swim in the pools near the falls.
Location: 306 kms NE of Derby

Hunter Falls
The Hunter River enters the sea in the northeast corner of Prince Frederick Harbour. The river provides scenic anchorages with majestic views of the surrounding high country.  The river is noted for the 90m Hunter Falls, and the 90m high Donkin Falls.
Location: Kimberley region, WA

Galvans Falls
Galvans Gorge is the smallest and most easily accessible of the gorges along the Gibb River Road, though it is hardly a gorge. Galvans Gorge is the starting point for a walk which leads to the very picturesque upper Isdell Gorge.
Location Gibb River Road, Kimberley region, WA

Casuarina Creek Falls
Casuarina Creek is a tributary of the Berkeley River. The navigable (at high tide) section of Casuarina Creek is around a kilometre long and terminates in a circular pool with a central rocky mangrove island and a waterfall. There is a ledge at the bottom of the waterfall where visitors can take a shower. About 500m upstream from the waterfall are gorges with Bradshaw paintings on both the left and right hand sides of the creek.
Location: Berkeley River, Kimberley region, WA

Sapphire Falls
These falls are a well kept Kimberley secret that only those who cruise the Kimberley coast of WA ever see. One of a number of waterfalls in Dugong Bay, Sapphire
comprises a small set of waterfalls located at the head of a south eastern creek. The bottom pool is close to the saltwater, however, the pool is clear and shallow and it is easy to check for crocs. Further upstream there are other pools for swimming and another set of falls.
Location: Dugong Bay, Kimberley region, WA

Ruby Falls
Ruby Falls were only recently discovered and named after the daughter of its founder. This picturesque location makes a great area for morning tea of freshly-baked muffins after a rejuvenating cool off under the waterfall. Sapphire Falls comprises a small set of waterfalls located at the head of a side creek nearby. 
Location: Red Cone Inlet, Kimberley region, WA

Black Rock Falls
The falls gets its name from its rock cliffs which over the years have been stained black from the minerals in the water. Black Rock Falls is a spectacular wet season attraction (four wheel drive access only) where water tumbles over a thirty metre semi-circular rock cliff into a small pool area. Roads are subject to closure following heavy rains. During the cloudless days of the dry season, the waterfall is replaced by the beauty of glowing red cliffs.
Location: near Kununurra, WA

Camp Creek Falls
The Prince Regent River flows in the SE corner of St. George Basin. Camp Creek is a tributary of the river. Upstream from the creek's tidal bar and rapids are two sets of waterfalls and a number of swimming holes.
Location: Prince Regent River, Kimberley region, WA

Kings Cascade
The Prince Regent Nature Reserve is home to King Cascade, named after explorer Philip Parker King by himself. An incredible amphitheatre, some 13km upsteam from Camp Creek, not only showcases this dramatic waterfall but is also home to some of the region’s biggest Saltwater Crocodiles. About 100m above the Cascade there is a beautiful swimming lagoon 
Location: Prince Regent River, Kimberley region, WA

Cathedral Falls
About 8km upstream from Kings Cascades is Cathedral Falls, one of the best kept secrets in the Kimberley. Rarely visited by charter boats because of its isolation and tight time schedules this is an amazing waterfall which you can stand under and enjoy a natural shower.
Location: Prince Regent River, Kimberley region, WA

King Georges Twin Falls
Along the King George River, the scenery is breath-taking, but nothing compares to coming around the final cliff face to be confronted by the towering Twin Falls. Cruise vessels often come close to the falls, allowing guests to enjoy refreshing natural showers. There are four art galleries with fine art including Bradshaw figure in the gorge downsteam from the falls.
Location: King Georges River, Kimberley region, WA

Eagle Falls
Eagle Falls is situated on the Drysdale River. It is usually reached via a breathtaking helicopter flight.
Location: Drysdale River, Kimberley region, WA

Bango Falls
Bango Creek is a tributary of the Drysdale River at about the the 145km mark. A couple of kilometres upstream is the beautiful Bango Falls. Spectacular waterfalls are found on Palmoondoora Creek, Morgan Falls, on the Drysdale River, Solea Falls (the largest waterfall on the Drysdale River), on Johnson Creek, Cracticus Falls as well as on many of the smaller tributaries. There are no visitor facilities and no marked walk trails in the area.

Location: Drysdale River, off Kalumburu Road, Kimberley region, WA

Droplet Falls
Emma Gorge is traversed via a scenic trail alongside dramatically changing vegetation, from Savannah woodland to Kimberley rainforest. The gorge is characterised by massive scree slopes and cliff face escarpments that reach 120m on either side. Droplet Falls is a permanent 65 metre waterfall that is fed from a series if natural springs high above on the Plateau of the Cockburn Range. Water has fallen from here for millions of years creating a pool that is no less than 30 metres deep.
Location: El Questro, Kimberley region, WA

Sale River Falls
The Sale River enters the sea in the NE corner of Doubtful Bay. Rapids and mini-waterfalls are common throughout the tidal rock bar area. There are several sandy beaches and freshwater gorges along the upper parts of the tidal rock bar section of the Sale River. Further upstream above a small waterfall in the main river is the Sale River gorge.
Location: Sale River, Kimberley region, WA

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