Miles Historical Village


A quiet town which has an interesting history and an almost intact turn of the 20th century main street. The town, which hosts the annual Miles Wildflower Festival every September, is the headquarters of the Murilla Shire. Tourist website.
Location: 339 km west of Brisbane; 212 km from Toowoomba; 307 m above sea-level.
Origin of name
: originally known as Dogwood Crossing, it was later changed to Miles in honour of William Miles, the owner of Dulacca Station, a local Member of Parliament and the Queensland Colonial Secretary.
Brief history:
Dogwood Creek which was named by the explorer Ludwig Leichhardt when he passed through the area in 1844 on his journey from Jimbour to Port Essington in the Northern Territory.
The town developed in 1878 when the railway from Brisbane ran into troubles crossing Dogwood Creek. The delay meant that railway workers settled in the area. Shops, stores and pubs were established, and, for a short time, it became the railhead for supplies to the west.
Places of Interest: Dogwood Creek; Dogwood Crossing
Heritage features
: Miles Historical Village (post office; general store; bakery; pub; Australian Bank of Commerce building; Murilla Express building; cafe; Andersen's Smithy)