Granite Belt

Stretching along the New England Highway near Stanthorpe in South Eastern Queensland, The Granite Belt is a rapidly emerging wine region. It is the largest of the Queensland wine regions, with a over 500 hectares under vine. The Granite Belt is home to many award winning food destinations, small restaurants and cafes  proudly using local seasonal produce.

A catholic priest is credited with starting the wine industry here more than a century ago. Fr Jerome Davadi may not have realised that encouraging his parishioners to diversify their farms would have been the genesis of what has bcome the Queensland wine capital. With over 1500 hectares of vines and a new generation of talented people at the top, the creation of quality Queensland wines has had wide acceptance nationally and internationally. The range of producers is significant from large vineyards which produce wine sold nationally, to tiny operations where the science of making wine is treated with the reverence of an artform. Some operations are well set up for large groups and most require bookings for coaches.

While here, don t forget to check out our world-class National Parks with their unique granite formations and rare flora and fauna which strech south across the state border into New South Wales.






Tenterfield (NSW)

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