One of Australia's most famous iconic outback settlements, these days Birdsville is little more than a hotel in the Channel Country of western Queensland. No trip to Birdsville is complete without marvelling at “Big Red”, the huge red sandhill that marks the eastern boundary of the Simpson Desert.

Location: 1590 kilometres west of the state capital, Brisbane, 720 kilometres south of Mount Isa. Birdsville is situated on the edge of the Simpson Desert.

Points of Interest: Birdsville Track; Birdsville Hotel; Diamantina River; Birdsville Geothermal Power Station.

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Brief history

Proclaimed a town in 1887, Birdsville was located at the border of South Australia and Queensland to collect tolls from the droves of cattle being moved interstate. Birdsville supported a population of over 300 at the turn of the century. However following Federation in 1901 the customs depot was closed and the population slowly dwindled to approximately 50 throughout the 1950's. Livestock trade has kept the region alive and in recent times tourism has joined cattle as the major industry in the area.

Origin of name: Birdsville was formerly known as Diamantina Crossing. Later the name Birdsville was adopted believing to be on account of the prolific bird life in the district.

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