Brisbane Art And The River Public Art Trail

Walk or cycle the Art and the River Public Art Trail, a 2.4 kilometre trail that meanders along the Brisbane River’s edge on the Kangaroo Point boardwalk. The walk begins at the Maritime Museum, South Bank and ends at the Thornton Street ferry terminal, after taking a detour to the top of the cliffs at Kangaroo Point Park. The trail is divided into three sections:
section 1 – starts on the Kangaroo Point boardwalk at the Maritime Museum and extends to the Riverlife Adventure Centre
section 2 – starts near the the Riverlife Adventure Centre and ends at Thornton Street ferry terminal
section 3 – on top of the cliffs at the newly built Kangaroo Point Park
Download the public art trail map brochure in your preferred format:
Art and the River Public Art Trail (PDF – 4.8Mb) - with images and trail map

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