Lamb Island

Lamb Island, the second smallest of the Southern Moreton Bay Islands. It measures only measuring only 2km by 1km, so it is easy to walk the whole way around the island. Its calm clear waters attracts boaties and fishers. Birdlife is in abundance - it even has a small rainforest. Since the late 19th century, it has been home first to a closely-knit farming community, and more recently, residents of Brisbane seeking a more peaceful lifestyle.

There are mangroves growing on the Point and around the island. They are very prolific in this area, as is the Sea Grass that feeds many dugong and other sealife.

How to get there: take a train from Roma Street Station in Brisbne to Cleveland Station, then Bus 250 to Redland Bay Marina, and a waterbus or ferry to Lamb Island.

About Moreton Bay

Moreton Bay, to the east of the city of Brisbane and its suburbs, is very much the city's playground, a wide expanse of relatively calm water dotted with many surprisingly unspoilt islands of different sizes and varying character. The bay extends some 160 km from Caloundra in the north almost to Surfers Paradise in the south.

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The bay's southern navigation entrance is the Gold Coast Seaway. It is a haven for wildlife - spotting dolphins, whales, turtles and manta rays, and its vast array of birdlife is a popular pass time. The bay's heritage protected wetlands, mudflats, and waterways are some of the healthiest in the region, supporting seasonally up to 25 % of Australia's bird species. Moreton Bay is also a popular destination for recreational anglers and is used by commercial operators who provide seafood to market. A number of ferry and water-taxi services travel over the bay either to and from islands or on day and half-day sightseeing and fishing tours.

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