Once a sleepy township that characterises the rural hinterland of the Gold Coast, Mudgeeraba is today a suburb of the Gold Coast. Contained on an 'island' within the flood plain, its essential character remains one of a nineteenth century village despite the recent encroachment of housing estates to nearby land.

Location: 80 km south of Brisbane.

Points of Interest: Wallaby Hotel; Tokonoma Gallery and Green Tea House; Warrie Circuit; Best of All Lookout

Brief history: Mudgeeraba was, like Nerang, an early centre, which rose to some prominence with the coming of the railway. During the more recent boom periods Mudgeeraba has become very fashionable with many large homes on acreage as well as many more affordable family homes in the area. Mudgeeraba contains important evidence of its earlier form and building and most older houses are situated on large blocks.

Origin of name: of Aboriginal origin, said to mean either "place where lies are told" or "low lying ground". The latter would be the more logical meaning.

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