Whitsundays Great Walk

Enjoy a different Whitsunday experience and escape to the tropical refuge of the Conway Range. Walk or mountain-bike the Great Walk on a 30 km journey through Conway National Park, starting at Brandy Creek, and finishing at Airlie Beach. With tracks of varying distance and difficulty, everyone can explore the Conway Range. The entire Great Walk is a three-day escape, but you can choose shorter walks or rides that are linked to the main track. Two short tracks can be accessed from Brandy Creek car park.

The beautiful forest it passes through contains lowland tropical rainforest remnants and picturesque rocky creeks. Volcanic activity millions of years ago created this rugged landscape and the offshore islands. Walking through this wildlife haven is a unique experience as the seasons come and go with different sights, smells and sounds. You may see the blue flash of a Ulysses butterfly after rain, smell lemon myrtle flowers in summer, or hear the distinctive call of the wompoo fruit-dove when the trees around you are fruiting.

Highlights of the Whitsunday Great Walk include travelling through majestic tropical rainforest, relaxing by seasonal creeks, and looking beyond coastal townships to the Whitsunday islands. Use your senses to watch for the blue flash of a Ulysses butterfly, smell lemon myrtle flowers in summer and listen for the distinctive call of the wompoo fruit-dove.

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You will pass majestic tulip oaks on the first day, walk through lush palm valleys and moss gardens on the second, and finish on the third with views of the Whitsunday Islands through open woodland.

To reach the start of the Whitsunday Great Walk, travel west along Shute Harbour Road, turning left onto Brandy Creek Road. Follow this road onto Forestry Road through to the car park.

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