A town in the northern wheatbelt. The main industry in town is wheat farming with the town being a Cooperative Bulk Handling receival site.

Natural features: The Flat Rocks; Borrikin Rock; Badjerin Rock.

Cadoux Earthquake

On 2 June 1979 there was a significant earthquake just east of the town. It had a Richter magnitude of 6.1 and was the second most damaging earthquake in the history of Western Australia. Damage to the area was estimated to be $3.8 million (in 1979 dollars). Only one injury was recorded in the entire earthquake. This was a broken arm sustained by a child from falling masonry. Cadoux's water storage tank was shifted off its foundations and lost its entire contents (9 million litres of water) in the earthquake.

Origin of name

When it was decided to establish a railway siding here in 1927 the local road board secretary suggested "Cado", after the farmer who owned the land. The name was later confirmed to be that of Donald Cadoux, an English settler, who arrived in WA in 1909. He died at Gallipoli during World War I. His name was seen as a fitting memorial for the town.

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Where is it?

221 km north-east of Perth; 55 km north of Dowerin

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