Dimond Gorge

The Fitzroy River in the Kimberley region of Western Australia has gradually cut through rangelands over time forming spectacular, steep gorges as seen in the Dimond Gorge. Sir John Gorge and Dimond Gorge are two of the most beautiful Kimberley gorges. Canoeing and bird watching are highlights as are its beautiful rock colours, bushwalking, swimming, photography, 4WD safaris and much more.

Turn off at Mount House station and travel in a southwesterly direction to enjoy these two magnificent gorges on Mornington Station. You can canoe, catch a feed of barramundi, bird watch and explore the upper reaches of the Fitzroy River. Mornington Station is under the management of Australian Wildlife Conservancy dedicated to conservation.

On 30th April 2004, the WA government tabled a memorandum of understanding between the government and Western Agricultural Industries (WAI) regarding a large-scale irrigation scheme in the west Kimberley region. According to the Australian Conservation Foundation, the proposal involved an initial development of ground-water resources to "kick-start" the scheme, construction of a major dam at Dimond Gorge and a 500 km canal to transport water to the irrigation area, and clearing large areas of pastoral lease and vacant crown land. Dimond Gorge was to be be flooded, along with 1000 square kilometres of land. Roebuck Bay, a wetland listed under the Ramsar Convention, may be badly affected by the ground-water development. Fortunately, public opinion and pressure by environmental groups has seen the scheme abandoned.

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Where is it?

247 km along the Gibb River Road from Derby and 92 km off the Gibb River Road.

Sir John Gorge

Located 120 kilometres off the Gibb River Road on the Fitzroy River, Sir John Gorge is around 400 kilometres east of Derby. It is filled by a very large body of water being created by the Fitzroy River. Spectacular red cliffs reflect into the still water. Canoeing, fishing for barramundi, photography and bird watching plus swimming and lazing around are the main activities for the adventurous four wheel drive travellers who have the time to experience the wilderness values of this remote but beautiful gorge.

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