A service town in the central Wheatbelt.

Dowerin hosts the Dowerin GWN Field Days, currently a two day annual event (held in the last week of August) showcasing agricultural and associated equipment, as well as providing information and services to people from rural areas.

Dowerin has an interesting museum which offers visitors an opportunity to see what life on the wheatbelt was like in the 1930s. The local historical society have preserved it as a typical example of a Western Australian wheatbelt home of the 1920s. It is a typical businessman's residence.

Brief history

n 1906 the government extended the railway from Goomalling to the developing Dowerin Agricultural Area and decided to survey a townsite at the terminus. The Aboriginal name of the site chosen was Wuguni, but Dowerin, also an Aboriginal name, was already in local use for the place, and was gazetted in 1907.

Between 1927 and 1939, the town hosted one of the major racetracks in the state. The Second World War brought an end to the racing and when it started again afterwards, racers moved to a new track on the former Caversham Airfield near Perth. Later, they moved from Caversham to Wanneroo, which today is known as Barbagallo Raceway.

The town's name is derived from nearby Lake Dowerin, first recorded on maps around 1879. One source suggests Dowerin is the Aboriginal word for the twenty eight parrot (Dow-arn), and another suggests it means "place of the throwing stick" (dower).

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Where is it?

156 km north east of Perth.

Granite Loop Trail

A drive through the Eastern Wheatbelt and Central Agricultural regions of Western Australia, visiting the many picturesque granite outcrops in these area. Experience the striking beauty of massive granite outcrops that rise out of the landscape where an abundance of natural vegetation is waiting to be discovered. Wandoo, Salmon Gum, dense Honeymyrtles and Tea tree Thickets give way to flowering Granite Kunzea with their gnarled shapes.


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