A small community on the Brand Highway, Eneabba is a mineral sands mining town surrounded in spring by some of the most extensive and spectacular wildflower displays in WA.

Lake Indoon

A big freshwater lake, 12 km west of Eneabba, Lake Indoon is ideal for water skiing, barbecues, picnics and camping. It includes gas barbecues, toilets and hot water facilities. Nearby Yarra Yarra salt lake transforms from salty pink in the summer to deep blue in the winter. Best views are from the Lakes Lookout off the Carnamah/Eneabba Road.

Tathra National Park

Tathra National Park (25 km west) is most spectacular during the wildflower season. Tathra is the Nyungar word for beautiful place and is a fitting name for this beautiful national park.

Alexander Morrison National Park

Alexander Morrison National Park (50 km west) contains sandplains and low lateritic breakaways over sandstones and shales of the Lower Jurassic Cockleshell Gully Formation. The park is noted for its spectacular wildflower displays which occur in the spring.

Lesueur National Park

Two hundred years after natural history artist Charles-Alexandre Lesueur sailed what would become our Coral Coast aboard the Naturaliste, the area maintains its natural beauty and fascination for visitors. Located 20 kilometres north of Jurien Bay and 250 kilometres north of Perth, Lesueur National Park - named in the French artist's honour - is relatively new National Park. The park contains undisturbed expanses of the northern sandplains region, with a wide range of geologic formations, landscapes and soil types. More than 800 plant species have been identified, making it one of the richest sites for plant species in the world. There is always something flowering in the park but in the months of September and October Lesueur erupts into colour with a range of species from Leshenaultias to Melaleucas bursting into flower.

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Where is it?

280 km north of Perth via the Brand Highway and 30 km east of Leeman and the coast.

Stockyard Gully Caves

Stockyard Gully Caves were created by an underground river system; two of them are easily accessible - Stockyard Tunnel is 300 m long and requires no gear except for the torch; Stockyard Cave is 800 m long, but slime and mud often coats most of the boulders, making them extremely slippery.

Aiyennu Cave boasts a sheer drop of 40 metres but is not open to the public. Unfortunately, none of these places are well developed for tourism; they can be accessed by four-wheel drive vehicle only.

Ellendale Pool

Ellendale Pool, near Walkaway, is a natural freshwater pool surrounded by a rocky gorge, formed by Greenough river and fed by underground springs. If you are feeling energetic climb the rocky peak from the creek that flows from Ellendale Pool. There are picnic facilities and a campsite.

About the name

The name Eneabba is of Aboriginal origin, meaning "Small Water". The first known record of the name "Eneabba" appears as "Eneabba Spring" in the logbook of a surveyor named G. M. Nunn in 1903. This was used to name the spring where a wild horse-mustering stud was built in the early 1900s.

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