A service town located in the central agricultural wheatbelt region.

To establish its own identity, Koorda promotes itself as Corn Dolly Country. It hold a Corn Dolly Festival where locally made dolls of plaited corn are judged and sold.

Koorda Heritage Trail

Like so many of the small wheat-belt towns Koorda has its own Heritage Trail. The brochure is particularly useful for people who wish to inspect the wildflowers in the region - it also has directions to the town's first dam.

Koorda Museum

Located in the town's old hospital, it has interesting displays of old hospital equipment as well as the usual collections of domestic and agricultural equipment from the local area.

Natural features: Cowcowing Lake; Lake Wallambin; Badjerin Rock; Mungan Gabby Rock

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Where is it?

236 km north east of Perth; 45 km north of Wyalkatchem

Brief history

In 1913 the government constructed a railway from Wyalkatchem to Mount Marshall, and the Central Cowcowing Progress Association requested that land be set aside for a townsite at the proposed siding in this area. Problems regarding resumption of land for the townsite and the exact siting of the siding meant that the townsite was not gazetted until 1917.

In 1914 the proposed siding here was named Koorda at the suggestion of J Hope, the Chief Draftsman in the WA Lands Department. Hope took the name from a list of words obtained from an Aboriginal in the Margaret River area, the meaning being given as a "married person".

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