Lennard Gorge

The Lennard River Basin covers an area of 12,520 km2 and extends about 180 km inland in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Average annual rainfall ranges from 600 mm in the south to 900 mm in the north. Flows generally occur between November and May following rainfall associated with tropical lows, monsoonal depressions and summer thunderstorms moving inland from the north. Rugged terrain characterises the land with high ranges and broad, alluvial plains. Such contrasting landscapes give rise to spectacular cliffs and gorges, such as the Windjana Gorge.

The Lennard River drains the inland ranges before undergoing a name change to the Meda River and flowing across vast alluvial floodplains. Closer to the coast the Meda River becomes extensively braided and segmented forming numerous tributaries. Many of these do not make it to the ocean, instead disappearing into large expanses of tidal flats or into the deep coastal basin sediments. 

Lennard Gorge is one of the lesser visited of the Kimberley gorges. The gorge has a spectacular waterfall that flows like a torrent early in the dry season, however the narrow, deep canyons can be experienced all the year around. It can be a hazardous gorge and extreme care should be taken when exploring and climbing. At the first of the gorges, there is a rocky walk down to the top of the gorge and it is possible to descend to the base of the cliffs. Experienced rock climbers are able to climb the opposite face of the gorge, it is steep and ropes are essential. Swimming is possible.

There has been little clearing of native vegetation, however overgrazing by livestock along river flats has been noted in areas, particularly along the Meda River. Some mining activities are also present with dewatering activities discharging to nearby creeks.

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Where is it?

190 kms from Derby, 8 kms off Gibb River Road. The road to this gorge is recommended only for experienced 4 Wheel Drivers.

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