Mackerel Islands Group

Mackerel Islands Group

22 km offshore are the Mackerel Islands which are noted for their sport fishing and bottom fishing. The pristine waters are home to world-class coral reefs that offer a spectacular array of colourful reef fish and coral formations - a diver's / snorkeller's paradise. And the fishing action is up there with some of the worlds best. Whether you like to fish off the beach or out on the ocean, you won't be disappointed with the smorgasbord of five-star species.

Of the 10 islands that make up the Mackerels group, two provide accommodation - Thevenard Island and Direction Island. The landscape is very much north Western Australian, abounding with vegetation typical of the region. The casual nature of the Mackerel Islands provides an ideal escape for singles, couples, families and groups.

Sea snakes, dolphins, dugongs, humpback whales and an abundance of Turtles are some just of the amazing life that can be seen from cruising these nearby Islands. The keen fisherman will think they are in heaven when they experience some of WA's best fishing action. Hooking up to your first Giant Trevally or a huge Spanish Mackerel will make even the most experienced fisherman weak at the knees. 


Thevenard Island

The main island, Thevenard Island, is a C Class Nature Reserve with a portion leased as a recreational village. Thevenard Island is a certified PADI dive resort and so full dive courses are available.

Thevenard Island was named in July 1801 by the French exploration party headed by Nicolas Baudin. amed after Antoine Jean Marie Comte de Thevenard (1733-1800), French naval officer who reached the rank of vice-admiral in 1792. Thevenard was created a senator and a count in 1810, and made a peer of France, 4 June 1814. He was a member of several learned societies of Europe and America, of the Royal academy of marine in 1773, and of the Paris academy of sciences after 1785.

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Direction Island

If you have ever dreamed of having a secluded island all to yourself, Direction Island can make that dream can come true. Accessible by charter boat or private vessel, accommodation is a fully self-contained A-frame beach cabin that is the only man-made structure on the island. Direction Island guarentees a very different holiday experience for up to 6 persons, being a perfect base to explore and enjoy the amazing natural wonders of the surrounding waters, whether your interests are diving, fishing or just simply taking in the scenery.


About the islands

The Mackerel Islands are formed by a series of coral atolls; the warm waters surrounding them provide a home to a wide variety of animals and plants making a home in the many reefs, channels and ridges. The water is gin-clear and perfect for exploring the exotic marine life. These rich tropical waters are a fishermans dream a line in the water means a fat fish for your dinner or an exhilarating time wrestling the many game fish onto your boat to be tagged and returned.


With over 300 days of sunshine each year, the Mackerel Islands provide a unique experience for families couples and groups to bond with each other and with raw nature. Stroll the long, pristine beaches, beachcombing the flotsam and jetsam from distant shores. Or take a leisurely walk across the island, exploring the native wildlife and vegetation.

How to get there

Flights are available to Learmonth Airport, and private air charter transfers to Thevenard Island can be arranged. Thevenard Island can also be an exotic add on to a fully documented self drive package itinerary with either air transfers or boat transfers from Onslow.

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