A small farming service town on Great Eastern Highway, known for an earthquake which destroyed most of the town in 1968.

Earthquake relics

There is a section of twisted railway track at the outdoor earthquake display across the road from the Shell Roadhouse in the town.

Approximately 3km to the West of Meckering is a "Historic Earthquake Ruins" site. Take the first left turn after the Shell Roadhouse heading East on the Great Eastern Highway and follow the marked signs to the remaining ruins.

To visit what is remaining of the original fault scarp you drive West for 2km on the Great Eastern Highway from the township of Meckering until you turn left at Quellington Road. Drive for a further 9km following the signs which read "Earthquake Site". On your left you will see a small corrugated iron roofed information site. Park car and then follow the markers on foot to walk the remains of the Meckering Fault Scarp.

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Where is it?

130 km east of Perth.

The Big Camera Museum of Photography is well worth the visit while you are in town. It has a collection of newspaper clippings from 1968 about the Meckering Earthquake.

Brief history

Land was first granted here in 1849, settlement began in 1887. The town was destroyed by an earthquake on 14th October 1968 and had to be rebuilt at a new location nearby.

Origin of name: named after a native watering hole 1 km north of the town. Of aboriginal origin, it means "moon on the water". The moon often reflects on the soak when it becomes a dry salt pan.

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