Mulan is a small Aboriginal Community in Western Australia's east Kimberley. The Community is in the Shire of Halls Creek, At the 2006 census, Mulan had a population of 114.

Most Mulan people are speakers of the Kukatja language, which is also spoken at Balgo. Kukatja is closely related to Pintupi, spoken at Kintore and Kiwirrkura and many Mulan residents are closely related to people at those communities as well as at Balgo.

Mulan was established as a permanent Aboriginal community in the late 1970s by Walmajarri people moving away from the Balgo mission to the Lake Gregory Pastoral Station, near the shores of Lake Gregory. A major factor behind this was the transfer of the pastoral station from Lake Gregory Pty Ltd to the Aboriginal Lands Trust in 1978. The community became incorporated in 1979 and the first houses and school were constructed in the same year. In 1985, Crown Reserve 39102 was excised from the pastoral lease and vested to the ALT for the "use and benefit of Aboriginal inhabitants", with the Reserve being formally leased to Mulan Aboriginal Corporation the following year.

Yunpu Lake

This is a fresh water lake located at the southern end of Paruku, 56 km from Mulan. It offers visitors shady malaleuca (paperbark) trees, a white sandy shore, excellent bird watching opportunities, swimming and fishing.  Interpretive signs explain this place and its association with the Welany (Pelican) story.

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Where is it?

Mulan is 44 km to the southwest of Balgo and 10 km east of Lake Gregory.

Paruku (Lake Gregory)

The spectacular wetlands of Paruku lie on the northern edge of the Tanami and Great Sandy deserts. Tjurabalan (Sturt Creek) primarily feeds this extensive lake system. Other creeks feeding into the system are Parnkupirti and Jalywarn.

Paruku boasts an abundant supply of bush tucker including fish, freshwater mussels, goanna, bush turkey, python, frogs and bush tomatoes.


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