Paruku (Lake Gregory)

The spectacular wetlands of Paruku lie on the northern edge of the Tanami and Great Sandy deserts. Tjurabalan (Sturt Creek) primarily feeds this extensive lake system. Other creeks feeding into the system are Parnkupirti and Jalywarn.

In August 2001 the High Court of Australia formally recognised the Traditional Owners of this area held native title over the land.  The handover ceremony was conducted on the shores of Paruku, symbolising the significance of this place to local Aboriginal people. Traditional owners believe the system was formed when a star fell from the sky into the lake and then transformed itself into a man becoming the very first Traditional Owner of this place.

Paruku boasts an abundant supply of bush tucker including fish, freshwater mussels, goanna, bush turkey, python, frogs and bush tomatoes.

Paruku is renowned internationally as a bird watching site.

Sections of the Canning Stock Route from Well 51 up to Billiluna lie within the boundaries of the Indigenous Protected Area (IPA).

Permits are required to access Paruku IPA. These may be purchased in advance of your visit. Telephone 08 91688259 or email Permits may also be purchased from IPA offices at Mulan and Billiluna.

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For their safety all visitors to Paruku must also register with the IPA office at the Mulan Aboriginal Corporation (telephone 08 91688939) or at the Mindibungu Aboriginal Corporation (telephone 08 91688988), even if they already have a permit. This is a remote area and all visitors should check current road conditions ahead of their visit.

There are three campsites for visitors within the IPA, all offering great views of the lake and spectacular desert sunsets. There are no facilities other than bough shelters providing shade. Visitors must bring their own food, water, cooking equipment, tents, swags and toilet facilities. There is interpretive information about local customs, dreaming stories and history. The camping fee is $30 per vehicle for the first night and $10 per vehicle for each additional night.

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