About us

This website is about the life and times of Stephen Yarrow

Stephen was born in Leeds, England, and lived for a number of years in the Yorkshire village of Otley until 1960 when he emmigrated with my family to Australia on the P&O; liner Strathaird.

Stephen’s family settled in Melbourne, Australia, living in the suburb of Springvale North for two years before moving to Perth, Western Australia just in time to witness the 1962 British Empire and Commonwealth Games held in November of that year. He attended Nollamara Primary School then Tuart Hill Senior High School. His first job was as a clercial assistant with the Library Board of WA, followed by 10 years with the Western Australian Museum, during which time he developed my strong interest in Australian history. This led Stephen to write three books on various aspects of Western Australian history. On his 21st birthday he met my wife-to-be, Rona, and married her four years later – almost to the day.

Stephen has worked freelance as a journalist and graphic artist which led him to a variety of work situations, including a 10 year stint as editor of the video trade publications, Video News and Video International, which pre-empted his move to Sydney in 1985. His employment since then has included operations manager of a printing business, during which time he developed skills in computer graphic arts and web design. He is today the Managing Editor of the Australia For Everyone websites about travel, tourism and life in Australia.

My Journey

“Been there, done that” is a phrase I use increasingly these days. My life has been and remains a varied and colourful journey. I’ve done some amazing things, met some fascinating people and walked some interesting and at times rugged paths. This is my story, from my childhood in England to life in Australia.

My Faith

I was brought up in a conservative, fundemental Christian home. Over the years life has thrown enough of things at me to give my faith in God and mankind a real good shaking. These experiences have all led me to totally re-assess what I believe, why I believe it, and opened my eyes to the truth of where God and I fit into each other’s picture.

My Travels

In 1960 I emmigrated with my family to Australia on the P&O; liner RMS Strathaird. It was the journey of a lifetime – the memory of this epic voyage will always remain – and inspired my love of travel. Here I share some of my journeys across the world, across Australia and across the street.

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