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This section of the website showcases many recreational activities you can participate in both as you travel within Australia and when you reach your destination. Use the menu on the right of this page to narrow down your search for activities that are just right for you.
Alternatively, if you know which state you will be travelling to, go straight to our section on the state you plan to visit.

Amphibian Coastal Adventure

The Town of 1770 /  Agnes Water, a little known gem of a destination on the central Queensland coast, is home to a fleet of amphibious vehicles used to take visitors on full day part-land, part-sea coastal adventures.

The bright pink ex-army Larc vehicles travel along the coastline of Eurimbula National Park, crossing four tidal creeks, before four wheel driving up the steep climb to the historic Bustard Head Lightstation. Well versed guides provide an informative commentary on the area's abundant wildlife and the history of Bustard Bay.

Montgomery Reef,
Western Australia

Photo: Aurora Expeditions

Montgomery Reef, to the south of Yawajaba Island in the Kimberley Region of Western Australia, is subject of one of the most significant and unusual tidal movements in the world. It is an extraordinary panorama of vast lagoons, tiny sandstone islets and a central mangrove island - but only when the tide is out.

Arriving by charter boat or by tourist cruiser to the area at high water, you drop anchor in what appears to be an endless ocean. As the tide falls right before your eyes, along a navigable channel running deep into the eastern reef, a stunning horizon of white water rapids is created. Suddenly, a loud, raging torrent of water erupts around you as Montgomery Reef appears to rise out of the ocean. You find yourself in a narrow channel sinking slowly below the horizon. Contained by reef walls on both sides all you can see is the 'rooster tail' effect as the water cascades off the reef to the river forming below. What started out as a nice spot for a cuppa becomes a raging river as the waters rush past your vessel to battle its way out into open water.
What you are witnessing is the power of the immense Kimberley tidal movements which literally create daily hundreds of waterfalls cascading off the reef and a massive lagoon as the boat lowers almost up to 10 metres with the natural drop of sea level. 300 sq. kms of surrounding reef become exposed with natural cascades forming as trapped surface water rushes off the reef top.
Montgomery Reef offers a spectacular array of marine life. Here you may see whales, dolphins, dugong, turtles, manta rays and the black tipped reef shark continually patrolling the reef ledges.
Montgomery Reef was named by Phillip Parker King after Andrew Montgomery, the the surgeon on his survey vessel, Mermaid.

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