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Vehicle transfer, the cheapest way to rent a vehicle

Transfercar is an online relocation service providing really cheap rental cars, motorhome and campervan hire. Some cost only a dollar a day to hire, though most times it's free. So how can they afford to do this?
Here in Australia we call it relocating but overseas the concept is called driveaway or one way hire. Rental car or camper van companies need to move vehicles between their branches all the time. They can either use expensive trucks or trains or they can let you drive it for free. The rental operators win, you win.
So how do they make money on this? Transfercar charges a small fee to the rental operators for each successfull relocation. They are constantly looking for more relocation drivers - families, students, backpackers, event-goers, seniors or other travellers are all welcome. You need to be over 18 and have a full drivers license and be available to go at relatively short notice (vehicles are generally listed up to two weeks in advance of their availability, though many are read to drive away immediately).
The most popular routes are between Adelaide, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Cairns, Darwin and Perth to Sydney and Melbourne, but other locations are listed all the time. Most cars comes with free insurance. A free tank of fuel and other expenses covered is not unusual either. The Transfercar website is updated daily with free rental car, campervan and motorhome deals and you can sign up to their email notifications.

Australians don't need to be told this, but for the benefit of International travellers, let me say that if you want to get to see the real Australia, you have to do at least some of your travelling by road. Driving your own vehicle, or hiring one, is often the only way to gain access to some parts of Australia that are serviced only by road transport.
Australia's major roads and highways are all sealed, so you can see just about all the major attractions the country has to offer without going off the bitumen.
To help you explore the possibilities that will open up to you when you get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle, we have created a number of sub-categories, which can be accessed via the menu to the left.

Roads and Highways

Australia's Main Roads and Highways

Full list of Australia's highways with detailed information, facts and figures

Vehicle purchase, a cheap alternative for the overseas visitor

Purchasing an older vehicle is a viable option to renting one, thanks to websites like Cars 4 Backbackers or Travellers Auto Barn which provide a useful service for travellers wishing to take up this travel option. Travellers can purchase a cheap car, campervan, station wagon and 4wd through the website, and when they have finished with it when they are ready to leave Australia, they simply sell it back or advertise it on the website and sell it to another traveller seeking their own set of wheels during this visit to Australia. More >>

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