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Australia For Everyone is a network of travel and leisure websites and mobile device apps covering all states and territories, capital cities and regional centres (see right hand column for full details). We invite you to be a part of the Australia For Everyone Network – we’ve got the readers you want as your customers, you’ve got the services they want, let us bring you both together.

How the Network can work for You

Our marketing team has developed a range of options that have been tailor made for different types of businesses – there is a package that is just right for your business.

For businesses in Tasmania, there are many marketing and promotional opportunities available utilising the Eezefind Tasmania app and website. To discuss ways in which we can introduce our readers to your business, its products and services, please call 1300 753 517.

Enquiries: Ph 1300 753 517

About the Network
Australia For Everyone is a network of 14 travel and leisure websites covering all states and territories, capital cities and regional centres. Each website has its own web address and attracts people who are either at that locality or are planning to going there. Readers can pass from one website to another by a single click of the mouse.

In total the websites attract in excess of 10,000 visitors per day. Website statistics show that each visitors views an average of 7 pages per visit (the Australian national average is 2.1), with over a third of visitors staying on the website for 10 minutes or more (the national average of visitors staying on a website for more than 10 minutes is 3%).

Pocket-Oz Apps
All 14 of our websites are mobile device friendly, however readers can download a free Pocket-Oz app to their phone which provides the same information, but in app form created specifically for a portable device. Each time they open the app, they are given the choice of their local city, town or area, or 14 Australia-wide destinations. If your business is promoted on any of the 14 websites, users of all apps will have full access to your information.

Free Downloadable Apps
All apps contain a built-in an Australia-wide plan and book trvael facility (all major airlines; coachlines; rail services; hire cars; Spirit of Tasmania ferry); numerous information guides (news; weather; tv guide; cinema guide; sports results; currency converstion; metric conversions and more) and a “Find It” facility which uses the device’s gps to locate such things as the closest ATM, petrol station, public toilet, pharmacy, fast food stores, retail services, and in larger towns and cities, food outlets offering home delivery.

With all that information at their fingertips, people who download one of these apps are not going to delete them in a hurry. So if you are part of the Australia For Everyone network and haver your own custom-designed Pocket-Oz app, your message will probably stay with them on their mobile device forever as most will find the app too useful to delete.

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