Travelling Australia By Rail

Train travel has to be one of the most comfortable ways to see Australia. There is nothing quite like travelling through the more remote regions of Australia in the comfort of an air conditioned train, and nothing beats a train for getting around Australia’s capital cities. Train travel in Australia is on a par with most European countries in terms of cost, but due to the large distances between destinations in Australia and the lack of population to support them, services are generally less frequent than found in most developed countries. Trains operating up and down the eastern seaboard and into many rural areas from the capital cities run on a daily basis, but the long distance trains travelling north-south and east-west have only one of two services per week.

Train travel from the capital cities to outlying regional areas is mainly by quiet, efficient air-conditioned deisel railcars, which provide an inexpensive alternative to other forms of transport for visitors wishing to explore Australia’s regional areas by train. Many regional towns in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland offer train travellers package tours which includes rail travel, accommodation and tours in and around the train’s destination. These tours are perfect for travellers who want to visit and explore regional areas but don’t want to hire and drive a car there.

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