Perth is known for its wonderful white, sandy and uncrowded beaches, a sunny climate, friendly and hospitable atmosphere, great parks and gardens, National Parks and excellent dining.

Perth is a city that is geared towards road transport, being one of the few Australian capital cities to plan ahead and build ring roads and freeways to outlying areas long before they became part of suburbia. Perth is therefore an easy place to get around by car, and the traffic flows freely on most roads, at all times. A few freeways become choked during the peak hour rush, but delays are minimal compared to those experienced in peak periods of larger cities.

Getting Around

Uniquely Perth

Swan River swan river

One of the most attractive features of Perth is the Swan River, particularly the river foreshore south of the city’s commercial centre. Large sections of the Swan River foreshore, reserved as parks and recreational land, have been carefully improved over the years.

Rottnest Island Rottnest Island

Perth’s recreational island, Rottnest Island has been attracting a steady stream of visitors from the mainland for over a century. Being just 25 minutes from Fremantle by ferry, many come for the day; others stay longer utilising one of a variety of accommodation alternatives available.

Sunset Coast Sunset Coast

There are more than a dozen suburban ocean beaches to choose from along the Perth’s Sunset Coast, with wide, long ribbons of sand, broken by sections of small limestone cliffs and inner reefs. These make for some great swimming, body-boarding, surfing, snorkelling and fishing spots.

See and Do


Wildlife sanctuaries and zoos; in the wild.

Perth beaches

Family and surf beaches; ocean pools; beachside suburbs.

parks, gardens, reserves
Parks & Gardens

Great spots to relax and enjoy.

Perth national parks
National Parks

Home to some of Perth’s finest natural attractions.

Not To Miss

In Perth Today

A diary of events in Perth today: converts, gigs, exhibitions, festivals, performing arts, sports and outdoors.
In Perth Today also contains today’s weather forecast, and links to what’s on at the cinema and on television today.

Insider’s Perth

When you are a visitor to a place, there is nothing like the knowledge of a local to take you to some of the lesser known but equally interesting corners of a city. Perth has plenty of fascinating nooks and crannies, many of which a lot of the locals don’t even know about. So if you are a visitor or a local and eager to do a little exploring on or off the beaten track, here are some suggestions to get you going.

Old Perth

Since the official foundation ceremony on 12 August 1829, celebrated by chopping down of a by Helen Dance, the wife of Captain William Dance of HMS Sulphur, knocking down what presently exists to make way for the future has long been seen as the way of progress in Perth. Over the years, Perth has gone through some incredible changes, and unfortunately a lot has been lost along the way. The old is removed to make way for the new; infrastructure is expanded or replaced to keep up with growth and technological advances. Fortunately, those with a passion for the city’s heritage have increasingly raised their voices in protest, and as result, a little of the past has been retained, giving the present and future generations a glimpse of what used to be.

Beyond Perth

Though Western Australia is Australia’s largest state and it takes time to travel from one destination to another, with a little careful planning and some local knowledge, it is easy to fit other destinations into your visit to Perth with minimal demands on your budget and time. Our Beyond Perth section examines some of the more popular destinations, and features plenty of useful tips, as well as unique journeys that are as rewarding and enjoyable as the destinations they will take you to.