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Travel Australia: 4 Wheel Drive

Driving in The Outback

Driving through the outback is not the daunting task it once was, thanks to the sealing of major highway across Australia through remote areas, the increased safety and reliability of modern motor vehicles and other factor. That said, some of the issues that demand care be taken when driving through the outback have not changed – drivers affected by alcohol or fatigue; rock works and washaways; and the danger posed by wandering stock and local wildlife.
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  • Outback Highways and Tracks

    For thousands of years, the indigenous peoples of Australia have used a network of tracks to get from one part of the island continent of Australia to another. Following British colonisation, camels and horses were introduced to make these epic journeys easier for the explorers and pioneers. Today, thanks to 4-wheel drive vehicles, the outback has become accessible to just about anyone. These are the major highways and tracks – some of which are sealed (paved) and some of which are mere dirt tracks – favoured by 4-wheel drivers.
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    • Selecting Recovery Equipment

      Of all the accessories one should consider purchasing with a four wheel drive vehicle, the most important is equipment to recover a vehicle that has become immovable. Selecting recovery equipment for your vehicle is a bit like selecting a four wheel drive. First, you need to examine where, when and what you are going to be doing – then select the most suitable equipment.
Four Wheel Driving: Tips and Hints

If you are a regular four-wheel driver, you will probably know everything here. If you are new to the activity, or are planning to rent or purchase a 4 wheel drive vehicle and head off the beaten track, here are some basic hints and tips you will need to know to reduce the risk of you getting into grief when you head for the bush.
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  • Choosing The Right Vehicle

    Selecting a 4WD vehicle, and the equipment and accessories you may need are perhaps the most important things to consider after deciding to head for the hills and go four-wheel driving. There are a number of issues to consider when selecting a 4WD vehicle – we look at the thirteen most important ones.
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    • Outfitting Your Vehicle

      There are many items that can be added to a four-wheel drive to make your journey safer and more enjoyable. However, be sure to fit essentials before the non-essentials.

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