Region: Great Southern

The Great Southern is a major Western Australian agricultural region, bordering the Southern Ocean to its south. The coastal region extends for approximately 250 kilometres and features some of the most rugged and beautiful scenery in Australia. This, combined with its milder summer weather than areas on the west coast proper, has made the south coast a popular destination for holidaymakers, tourists, anglers and surfers.

Albany, Western Australia's oldest town and one of its most picturesque, is the regional centre. Albany is situated on the edge of King George Sound and the magnificent Princess Royal harbour, which offer one of the best natural anchorages in the Southern Hemisphere.

The inland areas of the region some of the most productive crop and livestock agricultural areas in the State. The Great Southern is notably the second largest wool producing region in Western Australia.

How To Get There

Take Albany Highway and travel south towards Albany. Alternatively, take the Kwinana Freeway and travel south and through the South West region via Mandurah and Bunbury. To reach the towns in the wheatbelt area of the Great Southern, travel east from Perth along Gt Eastern Highway towards Merredin. These towns are to the south of the Highway.

Best Time To Go

The best time to visit the coastal regions is from September to May, however this is the peak tourist season and accommodation may be at the major centres (Albany and Esperance) a premium. The winter months can be cold and wet along the coast although the sea water is pretty chilly even in the summer months. The inland regions are much milder in winter and hotter and drier in summer.



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