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Twilight Beach, Esperance, WA.

Esperance is the first town you reach after cross the Nullarbor Plain, when you take the south coast road on your way to Perth. The ocean here is crystal clear, the waters are a deep aqua colour; the coast is lined with stunning pink granite outcrops and offshore there are a myriad islands. Seals, dolphins and whales (in season) abound. It is one of Australia's most serenely picturesque stretches of coastline.

Esperance has many spectacular beaches, and Twlight Beach is one of the best, particulartly if you are looking to enjoy some safe, sheltered swimming. The whole of the coast around Esperance is sheltered by a string of islands, mostly well offshore, but at Twlight Beach, there are granite outcrops close in to shore which form what seems like a sheltered logoon. A short drive out of town, Twilight Beach has toilets, changerooms and a kiosk.

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