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Travelling Australia: PLANNING YOUR TRIP

There are many transport options to choose from, with some more practical for certain destinations, while others make take a little longer, but you'll see much more and stretch your budget further. >>>

Looking for information about a particular destination within a state or region? Or would you prefer to plan your trip based on attractions that interest you or activities you'd like to participate in? Both options are available. >>>

We offer tips on how to see as much as possible within a limited amount of time, or on a limited budget, with numerous pre-set itineraries from which you can create your own itinerary. >>>

Whatever your areas of interest - sightseeing, natural attractions, historical places, outdoor activities - chances are you can see it or do it somewhere in Australia. We show you what you can experience, and where. >>>

Australia's eight state and territory capital cities are not only gateways to the regional areas of the country, all are interesting travel destinations in their own right. They are quite different to each other and offer unique attractions. >>>

Overviews of each of state, territory, offshore territory and island, examining the key attractions, the major towns and cities, climate, as well as travel options to and from and within each region and locality. >>>

Because Australia is so large, it has many different climate zones. We identify those zones, and nominate the best time of the year to travel to and through them. These equate to each region's peak tourist season. >>>

Australia is a big country where getting to your destination can often be as rewarding as the destination itself. We explore some of the great journeys that can be made when travelling Australia. >>>

Helping you plan your trip to ensure you see the most for as little money as possible, with advice as to the cheapest ways of getting around, some recommended top value tours to take, and the best places to visit that are free. >>>

There's nothing like the advice of others who have been to some place to help you decide whether or not it is worth your while visiting. We've searched the web for some of the best personal travelogues about Australia, and provide links to them. >>>

Some important things about Australia that overseas visitors need to know to help them plan a trip to Australia, with advise on ways to help make their visit enjoyable and incident free. >>>

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Planning a trip to Australia?
Let us help you make it the best vacation ever.
If you are planning a trip to Australia and have a rough idea of what you'd like to see, the editors of this website can put together an itinerary with you that will save you time and money and suggest places to see and things to do that you might otherwise not know about. More >>

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